How to install Microsoft office?

After purchasing microsoft office setup online or offline,  there is always a important question that “How to install Microsoft office?”

Installation of microsoft office setup is very easy but the process has to be followed step by step to work the application seamlessly.

Before installation there are two ways of buying microsoft office.

Offline purchase of Microsoft Office Setup

You can buy complete package of microsoft office application from retailer from authenticated source to get original copy. Original copy of Microsoft office setup come with Product key inside the box behind the CD.

Online Purchase of Microsoft Office Setup

Apart from Offline purchase, you can buy microsoft office setup from online store , where you need to signup first and register your email id.

After registering, you can purchase soft copy of microsoft office setup.

How to install Microsoft Office Setup

Now after purchasing there is process to install the complete setup:

Microsoft office install on Windows

Step 1 : Go to website or

Step 2 : You will be prompted to signin.

Step 3 : In case of offline purchase register first and if purchased online, use your microsoft account login.

Step 4 : Enter your Microsoft office Setup Product Key.

Step 5 : click on “Get Started”.

Step 6 : the updated application will start downloading.

Step 7 : After successful download, Run .exe file.

Step 8 : Agree Term and conditions of microsoft office

Step 9 : It will ask you to install preferred application such as Microsoft Excel, Microsoft Word, Mircosoft Access, Microsoft Power Point ect.

Step 10 : You can select apps as per your requirement.

Step 11: click Ok and installation process will start automatically

Microsoft office install on Mac

To install on Mac all above steps are same apart below:

  • you will get blue icon to open Microsoft application
  • After clicking all steps, Enter your Mac password
  • and then click on install office setup


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